About Our Flags

 Linen Cloth flags

These are specially sewn using natural linen (180 g/sqm) to recreate the authentic vintage look. Up to the 20th century most flags were manufactured using natural sturdy fabrics, such as wool, cotton or linen (flax).  The latter has a distinctive irregular weave due to wavy composition of the flax thread. This special quality gives our flags pleasant antique feel and fine aesthetic attractiveness.  

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Linen is three times as strong as cotton and was common fabric for sails' making up to 20th century when synthetic fibres were introduced. Today, we recommend using linen cloth flags solely for decorative purposes, nevertheless they can be seldom used outdoors in moderate weather. Most common ways of using linen cloth flags include: framing, curtain making, pillows, throws and even clothes making. 

Woven Polyester flags (fully sewn)

Exclusively UK manufactured very durable flag fabric (155 g/sqm) intended for professional outdoor use. This is probably the strongest flag bunting available on the market and is approved by Ministry of Defence. Although woven using 100% hefty polyester thread, it does retain natural woollike feel and is the best choice where durability and traditional look is sought. 

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High grade woven poly flags carry fully sewn design with applique embroidered badges and arms. We recommend using stitched woven polyester flags in open windy environments where regular lightweight synthetic flags fail and this is the only suitable flag type for everyday maritime use. Commercial operators might also consider economy version of our woven poly flags, which carry a combination of quality printed and sewn design.

Woven Polyester flags (printed)

On some occasions dye-sublimation printed flags is cost effective alternative to fully sewn woven polyester ones. Made using same UK manufactured MoD approved flag fabric (155 g/sqm), they can be done either double sided (same quality front/back) or one sided (approx. 70% back side visibility). Due to pricey embroidery work, many sewn British ensigns carrying complicated arms can be fitted with printed arms. A combination of printed/sewn design allows reducing cost and overall weight of flag. Printed woven polyester flags would last as long as fully sewn ones, hence can be safely used in extreme everyday conditions.

british virgin islands governors flag printed woven polyester image badge       

Knitted Polyester (fully sewn)

These are sewn using US style quality manufactured 100% polyester flag fabric (115 g/sqm). Knitted polyester is renowned for its vibrant colours due to synthetic shiny outlook. We recommend using knitted polyester flags in calm to moderate environments as they would fly even in slightest breeze.

knitted polyester union jack flag



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